Kit-Kat Snap & Share: Mobile Parking Lot

February 23, 2016Filed under Direct Marketing, PR and Confectionery, Snacks

KitKat has promoted its new 11-finger Snap & Share bar with a special package (containing one of the bars and mock parking lots) sent to 120 innovative companies with instructions to park their phones and turn their meetings into a more pleasant sharing break that might inspire their next group-breaking idea.

Advertising Agency:JWT, London, United Kingdom
Executive Creative Director:Russell Ramsey
Creative Directors:Fernando Barbella, Christiano Neves
Creatives:Fernando Barbella, Christiano Neves, Devon Wood
Designers:Fernando Barbella, Christiano Neves
Account Director:Paola Natellis
Account Manager:Alastair Ferrans, Charlotte Humphries
Planner:Kevin Mercer
Project Manager:Polly Gilbert, Charlotte McCluskey
Editor:Connor Pearce, Bryan Riddle, Emilie Sheehan
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