Instagram Filters: Holiday Colorblind Filters


Lights are one of the most important and visible aspects of the holiday season, but for the colorblind, the holidays look completely different. So in this season of giving and understanding, we created new filters to show people just how different the holidays looked through color-deficient eyes. We realized that two of the biggest holidays are recognized with colors that perfectly match the two most prevalent color deficiencies. Therefore, someone who used a "Christmas" filter would actually see their image through the eyes of someone with a red/green color deficiency, while a "Hanukkah" filter would show it through the eyes of one with blue/yellow deficiency. Once people used these filters, we would explain the meaning behind what they were seeing and offer additional information through a push notification after the picture posted.

Advertising School:Miami Ad School, Miami, USA
Art Director:Chris Serrano
Copywriter:Alexander Fox, Dhanush Paramesh
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