USAID Perú : Vultures Warn

January 15, 2016Filed under Film, PR, Online, Public Interest, NGO and Education

For generations we vultures, armed with our senses, have fought in silence. We’ve waged a battle against garbage, but now we’re losing that battle. We want to help humans, so we’ve launched a movement to help you detect piles of garbage so that you can take action to eliminate them. Join us in this fight. Vultures Warn, you take action!

Advertising Agency:FCB Mayo, Lima, Peru
Chief Creative Officer:Humberto Polar
Executive Creative Director:Flavio Pantigoso
Creative Director:Daniel Sacroisky
Copywriter:Daniel Sacroisky, Silvia Angulo
Art Director:Pietro Soldi, Daniel Tomazini, Fernando Tirado, Gabriel Li, Sandro Angobaldo
Ux Design:Lorena Duarte, Fernando Tirado
PostProduction Director:Chiqui Castaño
BTL Account Director:Sandra Goicochea
BTL Account Supervisor:Max Torres
BTL Production Supervisor:Tomas Cortes
General Director of Operations:Ricardo Ortiz
Account Executive:Ángela Chaparro
Innovation Director:Alejandro Borasino
Digital Project Manager:Lorena Duarte
Content Manager:Sharie Neira, Eva Machado
Digital Partner:SrBurns
Executive Director:Eduardo Garcia
Account Supervisor:Alejandro Rivas
IT Expert:Daniel Soria, Jorge Suárez
Quality Control:Egla Barrios
Production Director:Alonso Palomino
Production Supervisor:Sebastian Salinas
Director:Milovan Radovic
Photography Director:Jessica Steiner
Direction Assistant:Fernando Reátegui
Second Direction Assistant:Oscar Altamirano
Executive Producer:Julieta Kropivka, Jessica Pajares
Producer:Rossana Velasco
Technical Producer:Ronny Guevara
First Assistant Camera:Pedro Rivas
Drone:Daniel Gárate
Gaffer:Justo Diestra
Editing:Daniel Ayllón, Milovan Radovic, Claudia Yacarini
Field Production:Del Mate
Field Producer:Rafael Acuña
Production Assistant:Leandro Acuña, Roberto Larrea
Music Director:Pelo Madueño
General Producer:Raquel Rodriguez
Post Production Sound:Giovanni Rossi, José Deggimena
Post Production:Makaco
Client Approval:Magali Ugarte and Marisol Díaz
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