L&PM Pocket: Ticket Books

January 14, 2016Filed under Media, Direct Marketing, Design, Print and Media, Publications

To celebrate World Book Day and promote reading, Brazilian pocket book publisher L&PM created a collection of mini books that doubled as free subway tickets.

The "Ticket Books," devised by agency Africa, were printed with a built-in RFID card that made them readable by subway turnstile scanners. Africa partnered with the company that manages Sao Paulo's subways, Via Quatro, on the campaign so that subway stations operated as distribution points, allowing people to pick up their books at the turnstiles. Each copy came charged with 10 free trips.

Commuters could choose from 10 different options, from cartoons to romance or poems, and the books could also be recharged online to pass to a friend. 10,000 books were distributed and the scheme proved so popular that LP&M is now expanding it to other cities in Brazil.

Advertising Agency:Africa, São Paulo, Brazil
CCO:Sergio Gordilho
Executive Creative Director:Álvaro Rodrigues
Art Director:Ana Cecilia Novis, Ricardo Matos
Copywriter:Pajunk Otto
Illustrator:Ricardo Matos
Project Manager:Monique Lima
Production:Marcela Nisental
Print Production:Forma Certa
Production Company:Trator Filmes
Direction:Will Mazzola
Client’s approval:Ivan Pinheiro Machado
Project Creative Director:Evandro Soares
Web Developer:Luego
Sound Design:Lucha Libre
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