Swiss Youth Symphony Orchestra: Designed by music

December 08, 2015Filed under Media, Design and Recreation, Leisure, Sports

The Swiss Youth Symphony Orchestra wanted to advertise its upcoming tour and was looking for a young, fresh and unique approach that would communicate what the orchestra stands for and makes it stand out of the mass. In order to make the Swiss Youth Symphony orchestra really unique, we did not only create advertising, we changed the whole corporate identity.

Our idea: The best advertisement for an orchestra is the music it plays. But posters and flyers are things you can only see – not hear. For this reason, to advertise the Swiss Youth Symphony Orchestra’s upcoming tour, we turned the orchestra’s own music into images. These images became the central pillar of the communications measures. In the end, you were actually able to see the orchestra’s music.

The reactions created a great deal of buzz within the orchestra itself and among the general public. The tour was sold out, and the orchestra was able to earn an additional 28,000 Swiss francs in merchandise sales. 

Advertising Agency:FCB, Zurich, Switzerland
Chief Creative Officer:Dennis Lück
Copywriter:Sören Schröder
Art Director:Marcin Baba
Graphic Designer:Fabian Sigg, Olivia Schläpfer
Creative Technologist:Manuela Tappe
Webdesign:Annika Hänni
Photographer:Olivier Walther
Account Director:Mark Becher
Producer:Stefan Fraefel
Director:Adrian Wisard
Production Manager:Nina Wirth
Production Company:WirzFraefelPaal
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