Fnac: J'ai fait la Fnac

December 17, 2015Filed under Online and Retail Services

Eddy collaborated with the Marcel agency to create the “J’ai fait la Fnac” campaign that focuses on notable celebrities who found inspiration at the French retail chain that specialises in cultural and electronic products. In-house director, Hugo Ramirez, took the helm for all three films applying his unique vision to create lively and varied aesthetics with Brunch Studio bringing the trilogy to life with advanced and refined animation techniques. In tribute to celebrated photographer Stephane Lavoué, Hugo Ramirez ventured into the unknown. A universe that blends rich geometry with lush wilderness through Théo Guignard’s illustrations, Stephane’s is a contemplative journey that reflects his travelled and learned perspective.

Advertising Agency:Marcel, Paris, France
Tv Producer:Elodie Jonquille
Director:Hugo Ramirez
Illustrations:Théo Guignard, Théo Guignard
Production Company:Eddy.Tv
Executive Producer:Jean François Bourrel
Production Assistant:Céline Da Cunha-Vanlint
Animation Studio:Brunch Studio
PostProducer:Vincent Leroy, Julie Bellemare
Design Intern:Amélie Maurice
Storyboard:Johanna Huck et Corentin Penloup.
Lead animation et compositing:Mathieu Ratier
Voice recording:Clemens Hourriere
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