GPI Holding Eco-friendly Car Insurance: Pay for the air you breathe

November 24, 2015Filed under Promo, PR, Online and Banking, Financial Services

TASK Air pollution has reached dramatic level in Georgia. That’s why GPI decided to encourage eco-friendly car owners and offered them affordable car insurance. BUT everybody ignored the offer, as they don’t pay attention to the problem at all. Agency task was to come up to develop integrated campaign for raising awareness of the problem and announcing new insurance product. 

CAMPAIGN IDEA The problem is really important, but nobody acknowledges it until it directly affects you. 

EXECUTION That’s why we created a fake “tax on air” for Georgian car owners and established distributed by a fake law enforcement agency Ecopolice, distributing 60 000 fake fines, which imitated the design and tone of official parking ticket. When faced with a possibility for having to pay for the environmental impact out of their pockets, people started taking our cause quite seriously. The fake online news report featuring real experts and opinion leaders talking about the detrimental air quality, made the danger even more tangible. After two days of aggressive activism, the website indicated on fake fines revealed a tool to measure the harmful impact of the the car you owned. The less your car polluted the Earth, the better insurance offer you’d get from GPI Holding along with a detailed guide how to cut down on emitting of air pollutants. 

RESULTS 61,755 views on Youtube Topic became popular among national media – 152 media appearances More than 65 000 page visits on Increase sales leads by 400% 25% more customers

Advertising Agency:Leavingstone, Tbilisi, Georgia
Creative Director:Levan Lepsveridze, Giorgi Avaliani
Executive Producer:Natia Gogia
Art Director:Ia Darakhvelidze
Copywriter:Giorgi Avaliani
Illustrator:Nutsa Avaliani
Strategic Planner:Salome Zhvania
Digital Director:Vakho Vakhtangishvili
Web Developer:Giorgi Maisuradze
Web Designer:Oto Prangishvili
Digital Advertiser:Pavle Gabritchidze
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