German Association of Children's Hospices Oscar: Dead Air


Dead Air Radio hosts lost for words on live radio in Germany In Germany there are 40.000 terminally ill children and young people. They will never reach adulthood. To answer the incredibly difficult questions that terminally ill children often ask, a very unique 24-hour helpline was created. The German Association of Children’s Hospices has set up the helpline, Oskar, to support families and offer answers. 

To show the importance of a helpline dedicated to answering the questions that no one else can answer we worked together with a terminally ill child, Sebastian, and arranged a live experience during one of Germany’s most popular call-in radio shows. On the World Hospice Day 2015, Sebastian, called in live to ask the question: "Why is God allowing me to be so ill … … and letting me die?" After a shocking 12 seconds of dead air on live radio we provided the message: "When others fall silent... We are here with answers.

The Children's Hospice Helpline 0800 8888 47 11" RESULTS: Donations to the German Association of Children’s Hospices tripled immediately after airing. Due to the massive impact and the great success of "Dead Air", the project will be rolled out internationally.

Advertising Agency:Serviceplan, Munich, Germany
Chief Creative Officer:Alexander Schill
Executive Creative Director:Mike Rogers
Creative Director:Christoph Bohlender
Art Director:J Jackson
Text:J Jackson, Christoph Bohlender
Copywriter:J Jackson, Christoph Bohlender
Graphic Designer:Sven Hartmann
Illustration:Chris Hirschhäuser
Account Supervisor:Christoph Bohlender
Agency Producer:Neverest
Production Company:Instant Records Ton und Medienkonzepte
Creative Producer:Anett Grunbeck
Director:Chris Hirschhäuser
Cinematographer:Chris Hirschhäuser
Music Producer:Christoph Bohlender
Sound Design:Christoph Bohlender
Offline:J Jackson
Cut:J Jackson
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