Fox Sports: Twins

September 10, 2015Filed under Film and Media, Publications

Boca Juniors versus River Plate (from Buenos Aires – Argentina) is one of the biggest soccer rivalries in the world. Unfortunately, sometimes their fans use violence to express their passion. And then we met Maxi and Valen, two identical twins with a big difference: one is Boca’s fan and the other one is River’s fan. We decided to tell their story to create a beautiful message about fair play and peace in soccer.

Vp:André Takeda
Creative Services:André Takeda
Creative Directors:André Takeda, Alex Mendes
Copywriter:Nía Martínez
Art Director:Javier Cistari
Designer:Pablo Venicio
Director:Gabriel Sagel
Executive Producer:Gabriel Sagel
Production Services:Santiago Domingo
Production Manager:Juan Manuel Almasque
Producer:Mariano Frigerio
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