eBay Korea: Gmarket Green Toaster


Campaign Background: Smartphone users are found almost everywhere in school, subway station, and café etc. Unlike the past, people in the modern society encounter media through smartphones more than TV.

The change has covered all over the industrial fields and shopping through smartphones in the Gmarket online shopping mall has also increased. Gmarket has well accommodated this change and has recently operated the ‘Hero Campaign’ in order to solve the mobile usage issues for a better mobile shopping environment. Gmarket provided the ‘free Wi-Fi Bus’ service for people to enjoy mobile shopping without worrying about the data loss.

And also provided free smartphone charger at bus stations for users lacking batteries while shopping on their mobile devices. In addition, this previous case has led Gmarket to think about the second campaign again for a better mobile shopping environment. We came to the question “How clean is our smartphone that we touch and use every day?”

People touch their smartphone average 150 times a day and 7,000 kinds of germs are found on it, which is 10 times more than that of a toilet. People are in a state they can’t be relieved from sanitary stability. Gmarket initiated this campaign from how we could provide a better environment to customers for their mobile shopping life.

Campaign Idea: Gmarket and INNORED-Kinneir Dufort wanted to give people new but fun experience in making their smartphones clean. We thought it would be great to give people time to clean their smartphones while waiting for their drink at a coffee shop. Thus, we decided to create a toaster-shaped smart phone sterilizer considering fun experiences and the characteristics of a coffee shop. This is how Gmarket’s ‘Green Toaster’ was created.

Green toaster is activated in a simple step by first activating Gmarket application and to the green toaster menu, then putting the smartphone inside the green toaster and finished by pulling down the lever. The smartphone inside the green toaster is sterilized in only five minutes by the UV lamp.

Advertising Agency:INNORED, Seoul, South Korea
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