Vangardist: HIV+ magazine

June 26, 2015Filed under Direct Marketing and Media, Publications

Vangardist, a leading German/English language men’s monthly invited its readers to take a hands-on approach to ending the social stigma surrounding HIV.

To coincide with one of the biggest HIV events in the world - Life Ball - which takes place every year in Vangardist’s home town of Vienna, all 3,000 copies of its Spring issue were printed with ink infused with HIV+ blood donated by three individuals living with the HIV virus.

Whilst the magazine has been produced according to the most stringent controls and using processes developed according to guidelines established by Harvard and Innsbruck University, ensuring that the handling of a physical copy of the magazines carries no risk of infection, and is 100% safe; the debate and discussion around the magazine and the issue it highlights has already been significant.


Advertising Agency:Saatchi & Saatchi, Geneve, Switzerland
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