Techo: Bed Time Stories


Millions of people in Latin America live in extreme poverty, without any access to water, electricity or a home to live in. Most of them are children. The main challenge was to make New York parents stop to sympathize with these kids reality, and what better moment than when picking out bedtime stories for their own children. That’s why the non-profit organization Techo took over children books in bookstores across the city and wrapped them with a custom cover featuring iconic fairy tale characters living in extreme poverty. To launch the initiative Bedtime Stories, hundreds of traditional children’s books were wrapped in these covers and placed in numerous libraries. Parents in New York not only had a chance to learn more about TECHO’s mission to eradicate poverty and build stronger communities across the continent, but also to join their forces as volunteers. More importantly a conversation began between parents and children about the importance of this problem and different ways they can together become an entity for change. Each one of the illustrated covers featured characters like Alice in Wonderland, and Little Red Riding Hood, among other many great tales of all times. Both covers and posters placed in storefronts of libraries featured a call to action that lead to awareness and donation, catching the attention of not only parents but the rest of the community as well.

Advertising Agency:Bravo/Y&R, Miami, USA
Chief Creative Officer:Claudio Lima
Illustrator:Joseto Burgos
Creative Director:Carmelo Rodríguez, Willy Lomana
Art Director:Jesselle Valdes, David Segura, Carmelo Rodríguez
Copywriter:Loipa Ramos, Martín de Ferrari, Willy Lomana
Agency Producer:Carmen Navarrete
Director:Raul Santos
Editing and post:Vapor Post
Sound And Music:Elastik Music
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