Medcom Telemetro Reporta: The Tweeting Pothole


Panama City streets are damaged and authorities don´t seem to care about it. This inconvenience causes a lot of discomfort to drivers who have to transit through these streets everyday. Nowadays twitter is one of the most important source of information for the news show in Panama, for this reason we create a platform to establish not only a conversation but a way of complain direct to the responsible of solving the problem of damaged streets.

A way that cannot be ignored. The idea was to point out the hassle people felt directly to the responsible of solving the problem of damaged roads. We installed a device inside the potholes of the most damaged streets of the city that tweets a complaint every time a car runs over them, to the Department Of Public Works' twitter account. The Tweeting pothole has a special segment with its tweets created in our news show to present the complaints and made other aware as well to amplify the messag.

Advertising Agency:p4 Ogilvy & Mather, Panama City, Panama
Chief Creative Officer:Edwin Mon
Associate Creative Director:Alejandro Blanc
Creative Director:Osvaldo Restrepo
Digital Creative Director:Alberto Lam
Copywriter:Edmar Quiros
Head Of Art:Roberto Perez
Art Director:Edmar Quiros
Designer:Franklin Lu
General Account Executive:Mónica Urrutia
Digital Account Manager:Luis Gonzales
Executive Producer:Benjamin Liao, Belisario Alvarez, Monica Crespo
Production Company:VFX Panama, SAKE Argentina
Sound Editing:Manuel Trejos
Post Production:Marcos Ruiz
Additional Credits:Francisco Hernández
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