Fox Head: Medal of courage

June 05, 2015Filed under Media, Promo, Direct Marketing, PR and Media, Publications

Fox, one of the most recognized brand in extreme sports globally, needed to renew the emotional connection with all its customers in Guatemala. To achieve that, it was decided to tackle their love and hate dilemma: their injuries. Courage Medal was crafted. Every extreme sport athlete, has at least injured themselves once. That is why Fox decided to used their x-rays as media.These x-rays were valid for a discount at Fox stores during their recovery, and also as a prove of their courage as athletes.

Each athlete injured, was turned into a spokesperson for the campaign throughout digital media, encouraging other not to be afraid of new challenges. We know that lovers of extreme sports have more than one lesion and we know that a crack will not stop them to continue living on the edge and this medal will forever remain in their value. Fox used a new channel to get to their main target at their best and worst moment at the same time.

Advertising Agency:BBDO, Guatemala City, Guatemala
General Creative Director:Diego Lanzi, Rodrigo Costas
Creative Director:Luis Ortega, Rodrigo Costas
Art Director:Luis Ortega, Andrea Lopez, Maurice Hernandez
Copywriter:Diego Lanzi, Rodrigo Costas, Luis Ortega
Account Director:Dahpne Jager, Lourdes Garavito
Additional Credits:Antonio Cay, María Fernanda Gutierrez, Mandy Ortega
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