Zapaterías Coban: Shiny Lessons


In Guatemala City, hundreds of kids work as shoe shiners at the city´s historical civic center. Away from all formal education, these kids pass their whole childhoods working on the streets which limit their chances of having a better future. All government attempts to take these kids to school have failed because most of the kids are the only source of income in their families; they work all seven days of the week on the streets. Zapaterías COBAN presents: SHINY LESSONS. We made shoeshine boxes with a radio receiver incorporated that will only broadcast our signal. The transmission comes from a radio located in the historical civic center. A new shoe shining box with its radio was given to every kid, and in exchange, they gave us the old boxes they were using. Every day for one hour, these kids listened to a teacher transmitting the lessons on the radio, with educational material given by the Dirección de Educación Radiofónica de Guatemala (Radio Education Direction of Guatemala). To evaluate what was learned, COBAN gave them personal reenforced classes every week were they also gave the kids shoe shining material, clothes, shoes and food.

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