Turismo de Portugal: The Woman Who Chose Too Much

May 11, 2015Filed under Online and Transport, Tourism

The film is a false documentary about a character: "The Woman who chose too much" We are at her home, in a big empty living room. Just her, sitting on a chair. She speaks straight to the camera: Woman: "… for me, to choose is a way of life. For instance, I stayed single not by fate, but by choice. There were the tall ones, and the short ones. And those who were neither tall nor short, just boring. There was one I chose, Albert. It was 15 years ago, but I still didn't choose the date of the wedding. I don't like January, or February, or March, or April, May, June, July, August? No way… September, October, November or December that is in fact the worse of them all. Oh choices, choices… You know, those restaurants where people choose what they want to eat and they even set up their own dishes. For me, that is a vision of hell… This place, I didn't choose it. I inherited it. I'm still choosing the decoration. Everything will have to match with this chair that came along with the house. Even if this chair, let's be honest, doesn't really match with anything. Not even with the white of this wall. My God! What kind of white is this? With so many beautiful whites to pick from, they chose right this pale, milky, colourless one… Sorry, sorry, sometimes I lose myself. What did you come to ask me exactly?" Voice (off): Portugal was chosen to host The Monocle Quality of Life Conference. What do you have to say about this? Woman: Oh, yes, that's that. It was?… Interesting… Good choice. Portugal. The country chosen to host The Monocle Quality of Life Conference 2015. A good choice.

Advertising Agency:Fcb, Lisbon, Portugal
Creative Director:Edson Athayde
Copywriter:Edson Athayde, Viton Araújo
Art Director:Eduardo Tavares
Film Director:Roger Gual
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