Total Oil Turkey Petrol Station: Signboards

May 27, 2015Filed under Media, Outdoor, Direct Marketing and Automotive

This specific Total station was not doing business as good as it could, because of its location. Though in a busy urban area, it is a little off the main street and not many people know its whereabouts. To overcome this problem, rather than using conventional outdoor, we decided to create our own media to make sure that in a short period of time, drivers who use the nearby main road are informed about its location.

Drivers in Turkey, are not very loyal to a single fuel station. So in case of need, they will drive to the nearest one. People who are driving to and from work everyday, use a main arterial road nearby. They are not well aware that there is a Total station in the neighborhood, and even if they do, they are not very clear about its location. Had we used the conventional billboard, they would not notice or remember after the campaign.

So the media we used had to create a lasting impact despite short campaign period. We made a deal with 30 shop owners who dwelled in the same region as the Total station. This range included different sorts of shops. Bakery, grocery, mannequin maker even some peddlers. And their signs had high visibility. They were then replaced by signs that described their shops in accordance to Total station. e.g. Grocery 100 meters from Total.

The switch happened overnight so that next day we made sure people notice the difference. At a cost of hiring 30 billboards, we created a campaign that improved car traffic by 10% in a week.

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