Ceres Strong Ale: Bring these guys a beer

May 01, 2015Filed under Media, Promo, Direct Marketing, PR and Alcoholic Drinks

For Italy Expo 2015 in Milan is the biggest event of the century with 20 million visitors expected and a new-built area of 1 mio. square meters. But one month before the grand opening, works are in a terrible delay and the reasons are tipically italian: corruption and scandals.

The last chance to make it? The workmen in the building yards: they doubled their shifts and gave up on paid overtime. Our brand is Ceres, a strong beer for tough people with a claim that states: "The town needs heroes." Who’s more heroic than them? Who deserves a beer, if not them? We meet them in the building yards and take some pictures.

On april 1st, we issue a 4 page press campaign saying: “They have just one month to finish the work. And it’s not an april’s fools’ joke. Let’s bring these guys a beer". The ad immediately booms on social network and national media becoming a twitter top trend. We launch an event on facebook: at the and of the day shift, we’re going to bring some beers to the workmen.

And we invite people to come with us. Over one thousand people join the event. At 5pm, 800 tired and thirsty workmen get out of the yards and find a surprise. Chilled beer and slices of pizza for free. And the people who serve them are not hostess and stewards dozens of common citizens who decided to follow our call.

Advertising Agency:Bcube, Milan, Italy
Creative Director:Andrea Stanich, Arturo Dodaro
Head Of Digital:Alessandro Sciarpelletti
Copywriter:Silvia Savoia
Social Media Manager:Federica Nanni
Art Director:Federico Bianchini
Photographer:Giorgio Serinelli
Producer:Maria Luisa Crisponi
Editor:Davide Agosta
Brand Leader:Erminia De Angelis
Account Manager:Emanuela Buccoliero
Marketing Director Ceres:Roberto Zepponi
Brand Manager Ceres:Simonluca Scravaglieri
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