Quatro Patinhas NGO: Priceless Pets

April 17, 2015Filed under Media, Promo and House, Garden, Pets

What if pet shops use its exhibitors to put animals for adoption?

According to the World Health Organization, there are an estimated 30 million dogs and cats abandoned in Brazil. All waiting to get adopted. Due to this issue, the country's shelters are overcrowded. Yet, most people still prefer to overpay for an animal than adopting one. To decrease this problem the Priceless Pets project was created by the advertising agency NBS. The idea consists in showing people there's no difference between expensive purebred animals and mixed breed ones.

To launch the project an action was raised in a pet shop where animals for sale were replaced by animals for adoption. The catch? This exchange was not announced. Through hidden cameras, we can see the surprise when people find out that those animals are as beautiful and lovely as the purebred they usually find in pet shops. And they could get them without paying anything.

Advertising Agency:Nbs, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Executive Creative Director:Carlos Andre Eyer
Creative:André Lima
Planning Vp:André Lima
Creative Team:Augusto “Jesus” Correia, Bob Ferraz
Designer:Karina Abicalil, Claudio Portugal
Account managers:Antonino Brandão, Tatiana Soter and Marry Zerkowski
Agency Producer:Luiza Maggessi, Andreia Metzker
Agency producer assistant:Alejandra Ebner
Project Manager:Rodrigo Castro, Teca Vilaça
Media:Fátima Rendeiro, Leonardo Carrilho
Film Production Company:Visorama Diversões Eletrônicas
Director:Cláudio Reston
Executive Producer:Samanta Martins
Visorama's Account Director:Ligia Susini
Producer:Rogério Máximo
Editor:Rafael Carreiro
Photography:Bruno Rodrigues, Bianca Pimenta
Music Production Company:Sonido
Music Director:Lucas Duque
Sonido's Account Director:Alessandra Valle
Composer:Marcio Biaso
Web Production Company:M2BR
Agency Pr:Camilo Coelho, Karina Okabatake, Caroline Lessa, Máquina de Notícias, Rita Durigan and Renata Vieira
Project Support:American Pet, Purina
Client Manager:Christianne Duarte Garoiu
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