Cotton Nation: Dress

March 11, 2015Filed under Direct Marketing and Public Interest, NGO

So, here's the truth.
India is a country with 29.8 % of the population living below poverty line; who cannot even afford primary necessities like food, shelter and clothing.

This is what we were asked to do.
Cotton Nation (A cotton-based clothing brand in India) wanted to launch a CSR initiative campaign to position themselves as more than just a clothing brand.

And then, we came up with an idea.
Cotton Nation is one of the few brands to give cotton bags with a sale of their clothing. Upon close observation, we saw that these bags seemed like a top (t-shirt), if the bottom part of the bag is cut open. So, we decided to redesign these bags in different prints and sizes, and ask consumers to donate them.

But how does it work?
With these shopping bags, we attached tags informing consumers how to donate. The person, who wanted to donate, needed to simply pull the string from the bottom of the bag. Consumers can either donate directly or schedule a free pick-up at 9892249434.

Advertising Agency:Rediffusion Y&R, Mumbai, India
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