Barcode Leuven: Tinnitus

March 24, 2015Filed under Online and Recreation, Leisure, Sports

Don’t let Tinnitus get into your life. He’s a whistling son of a gun that won’t ever leave again. He’s there when you’re working or reading a book, when you’re making love or watching the horizon by yourself. Tinnitus is the pushy friend you never wanted. So protect your ears and you’ll protect the peace in your life.

Don’t let Tinnitus get into your life. An initiative from the pub-keepers of Leuven.

Creative Director:Klaartje Galle
Art Director:Klaartje Galle, Jef Peremans
Copywriter:Thomas Renders
Graphic Designer:Frank Somers
Director:Kenneth Mercken
Director Of Photography:Sander Vandenbroucke
Executive Producer:Eurydice Gysel
Producer:Jelle Robbeets
Postproduction supervisor:Bieke De Keersmaecker
First Assistant Director:Nina Vandenhout
Focus Puller:Pieter Geerardyn
Clapper Loader:Robin de Praetere
Sound Engineer:Hannes Leemans
Styling:Sofie Callaerts
Makeup:Sky van der Hoek
Location Manager:Gertjan Gonnissen
Location Assistant:Robin van Ryckeghem
Casting Director:Brigitte De Witte
Actor Tinnitus:Dimitry Loubry
Editor:Maarten Janssens
Music Composer:Jimmy Dewit
Confo & Mastering:Robin de Praetere
Digital Grading:Joost Van Kerckhove, Robin de Praetere
Sounddesign & Mix:Bert Aerts, Senstudio
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