Jungle Sound Studios: If you can read this you probably work at Jungle

February 04, 2015Filed under Print and Professional Services

This 613 word press ad was first written in English, then recorded as a voiceover, then the resulting sound waves were used to reproduced the ad in place of the original words. And that's exactly how it ran.

Not to boast or anything, but if you can read this you probably work at Jungle.

On the off chance you’ve managed to find someone who does work at Jungle to translate this ad for you (incidentally, if you’ve had it translated by someone who doesn’t work here, please pass on our details, we’d like to meet them), we have a few things we’d like to share with you.

Here at Jungle, we love sound. We love the sound that sound makes. Or should that be we love the sounds that sounds make? Whatever, you get the point. Sound is our life, and we’ve been playing with it, wallowing in it, shaping it and crafting it for some of the best loved ads in the UK (and indeed elsewhere) since way back in 1994. We’ve worked with some of the best agencies in the world, on some of the biggest brands in the world, and with many of the most famous and talented directors – you know what’s coming next - in the world.

Jungle is justifiably one of London’s premier sound studios. With ten state-of-the-art studios located right in the heart of Soho, we create sound design and music for TV, radio, online, cinema advertising and broadcast. Not only that, it is frequently commented upon by our clients and other visitors that our reception area is blessed with one of the best people-watching windows in the whole of London. Remember, we’re in Soho here, you can see all sorts out of that window.

But back to the point. Like we said, we love working with sound. And they say if you find something you love to do then you’ll never work a day in your life. In which case we have quite a lot of really nice people here at Jungle who never do any work. (Did we say that wrong?) Among them are around twelve of the most talented audio engineers in the country, with many years of experience, and around twenty-four finely tuned ears, between them.

An inherently creative bunch, it doesn’t matter whether they’re working with the humblest of line-drawn animatics or with the most lavish, expensive CGI-fest ever made, our engineers pour the same massive amounts of love and attention into every single frame. Well, actually they pour it into every single subframe but let’s not get too technical, this is only an advert after all.

Anyway, we’ve also managed to engineer ourselves – see what we did there - a fair few gongs along the way, including D&AD Pencils, Cannes Lions and British Arrows. For some reason our engineers persistently refer to our awards as gongs. They say the word ‘gong’ has a pleasing, reassuringly ‘gongy’ quality about it. (This is the kind of thing they say a lot.)

So, if you do happen to speak sinusoidal plane wave, or if you did manage to get this ad translated, or if you’ve simply intuited who we are in some other way, get in touch, you’d love to hear from us.

And that’s about it. All that remains is for us to thank you for listening.
Sorry, force of habit. All that remains is for us to thank you for reading. Thank you. Hope to see you soon.


Advertising Agency:TBWA, London, United Kingdom
Creative Director:Jeremy Carr
Art Director:Simon Morris
Copywriter:Dean Webb
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