AICP Awards: 35 years from now

February 23, 2015Filed under Online and Professional Services

All winning work in the AICP Awards is permanently archived by the Department of Film at The Museum of Modern Art.

Creative Concept:Rob Reilly, McCann, Gerry Graf, Barton F. Graf 9000, Eric Monnet, McCann
Director:Brian Billow
O Positive Executive Producer:Ralph Laucella
Executive Producer:Marc Grill, Jeff Rosner
Production Supervisor:Christina Woolston
Casting:Grande, Morris Casting
Casting Director:Faye Grand
Editors:Charlie Cusumano, Jason Macdonald, Justin Quagliata, Nick Schneider, Dan Aronin
Senior Cutting Assistant:Ryan Bukowski
Executive Producers:Corina Dennison, Crissy Desimone
Producers:Malia Rose, Kendra Desai
Graphics:The Studio
Audio:Color Audio Post
Partner:Kevin Halpin, Jeff Rosner
Mixer:Kevin Halpin, JD Heilbronner
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