OndAzul: Empty Bucket

October 02, 2014Filed under PR, Online, Other and Public Interest, NGO

The Ice Bucket Challenge has gone viral all around the world and it’s been not different in Brazil. Numbers reveal the success on its aim to fundraise ALS amyotrophic lateral sclerosis research: more than 2.4 millions videos uploaded and 28 million people joined the conversation.

Although the cause is noble, Brazil has been struggling with water shortage and so the project has a collateral effect: water waste. According to the Washington Post, the Ice Bucket Challenge has already wasted almost 18.9 million liters of water.

This amount would be enough to fill 63 million glasses of water, take 420 thousand showers or many other things instead. Concerned on this issued, Brazilian agency NBS and the NGO OndAzul have created the Empty Bucket movement. The project stimulates donations, although avoiding waste.

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