MOB Fun & Fresh Food: Food, Instagram, Summer, Diet, Juices, Ingredients

October 02, 2014Filed under Design, Print and Food

After frozen food, canned food and processed food, we've finally launched a new type of food: Food.

Our coffees look so good it seems we've been using one of those Instagram filters.

If you don't come today, we forgive you. If you don't come tomorrow, we forgive you as well. But if you don't come after tomorrow, summer sure won't forgive you.

The more colorful the diet, the healtier it is. M&M's don't count.

The secret of our juices? Just put the squeeze on the orange, you'll get a confession.

We make sure our suppliers deliver the best ingredients. (Our sushi chef is also a black belt in karate.)

Advertising Agency:CCZ WOW, Curitiba, Brazil
Creative Director:Rodolfo Amaral
Art Director:Emerson "Morruga" Ferreira
Copywriter:Rodolfo Amaral, Marcelo "Erudito" Guimarães, Bruno Trindade
Illustrator:Eduardo Rosa
Typographer:Emerson "Morruga" Ferreira
Translator:Gisele Ulrich Pereira
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