The Absolut Company: Buddy Check

September 19, 2014Filed under Mobile and Alcoholic Drinks

We have all been there. You go out for a fun night together with your friends. But before you know it, you have lost track of each other. Someone disappears in the overcrowded bar, another one in the line to the bathroom. And at the end of the night some might even leave without the rest of you knowing when and why. This is neither fun nor safe. This is why The Absolut Company have created Buddy Check, a smartphone application that helps you and your friends keep track of each other when going out.

By gently bumping your phones together you and your friends will be able to follow each other on the GPS. During the night all members of your group will have to complete random buddy checks where you need to find each other, under time pressure, and gently bump your phones together. This is a way to make sure that everyone is ok and having a good time. Each completed buddy check will be awarded points in the game.

Advertising Agency:JMW, Stockholm, Sweden
Executive Creative Director:Joakim Karlsson
Creative Director:Samuel Garlöv
Art Director:Anders Pålsson, Jonas Böttiger
Project Manager:Nina Starco
Account Manager:Björn Mellstrand
Production Manager:Lina Jenkens
Project manager video:Joakim Slattegard
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