Hov-Hov Dog Bakery Dog Poopies: Your dog's poo turns into a flower

September 05, 2014Filed under Promo, Direct Marketing and House, Garden, Pets

Mayer McCann Ljubljana and The Hov-Hov Dog Bakery launched the ultimate innovation in terms of dog food – Dog Pookies – delicious dog cookies which, once out, turn into flowers, embellish the landscape and (ironically) draw attention on what becomes of dog poop if dog owners “forget” to pick it up.

The product: new dog cookies, amusingly called Dog Pookies ☺, are made of natural bio ingredients, especially soothing for dogs’ digestion. But THE THING that makes them special, are the raw flower seeds added by the producer on top of the cookies after baking, which dogs do not digest.
The result: after a while, a flower blossoms. To add a little more fun to the process, the new Dog Pookies are made available with three different flower seeds: sunflower, flax and hemp.

Most dog owners, especially those in big cities, have already got used to picking up their dogs’ poop and disposing it into special containers.  This behavior is also supported by The Hov-Hov Dog Bakery.

Advertising Agency:Mayer Mccann, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Creative Director:Robert Bohinec, Gal Erbeznik
Art Director:Dejan Miletic
Designer:Blaz Znidaric
Account Director:Ales Petejan
Director Of Communication Projects:Spela Pregl
Digital Creative:Andreja Pockaj
Production Company:Kerozin
Director:Urban Zorko, Marko Kumer, Murc
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