Libri Mundi Book: The gift that doesn´t let books die

August 14, 2014Filed under Promo, Direct Marketing, PR, Recreation, Leisure, Sports and Education

Ecuadorian people read, a lot SMS, Tweets, Facebook statuses, emails The possesion of mobile phones in the country is 100% Ecuador is fourth in the smartphone market in Latin America But when it comes to books, the readership is half a book per year We had to do something to make a book become a good Christmas gift. Libri Mundi presents Book A GiftCard that looks like a technologic device Without Wifi Without text messages Without touchscreen Without Bluetooth It incluyes a personalizad booklet that incites you to disconnect from the World and connect with all the magic that comes with a book. We launched it on air and within a short time it became a speaker with a message: put your phone away and pick up a book. The campaign became news We turned USD 4.700 of investment in $113.000 in PR Libri Mundi’s fanpage had an increase of %500 fans in four weeks We raised 300% in Giftcard sales compared to last Christmas And the best is that many people who would have received a phone for Christmas, ended up getting a book.

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