Talitsa: Milk which is already finished

July 30, 2014Filed under Promo, PR and Non-alcoholic Drinks

To launch a new farm milk from Talitsa we decided to start an original campaign about a milk which is already... finished! 
We placed a short film after each commercial of competitors product in the ad unit.

So, every time consumer compared milk of the well-known brands with natural farm milk from Talitsa, which doesn't contain preservatives,
and decided, which is better. And then milk from Talitsa was finished not only in TV commercials. Also, there was shortage of milk in the outdoor and print advertising, online banners and... even in stores!

Sales growth exceeded expectations in 2 times.
Overall brand awareness reached 62% in just 3 weeks.

Talitsa: known for Milk which is already finished...

Advertising Agency:Red Pepper, Ekaterinburg, Russia
Creative Director:Danil Golovanov, Nikita Harisov
Art Director:Yulia Uzkih
Designer:Iya Georgieva
Copywriter:Ivan Sosnin
Producer:Katy Bamby
Account Manager:Darya Lunegova
Media Director:Nastya Kirzhanova
Post Production:Evgeny Harchenko
Film Production:Hype
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