Vittel: Couch converter

June 16, 2014Filed under Online and Non-alcoholic Drinks


Vittel is one of the best-selling mineral water brands in France: for over 50 years, it has made people keep active and ignite their inner vitality. Vittel wanted to revive and to strengthen its role as a daily active mineral water for French consumers. The Brand challenge was to trigger French people’s will power to embrace a healthier life. But how to do this when French people spend about 4.5 hours a day on their couch doing not so much? Vittel decided to tackle the problem at its very source - the couch - by turning this unsurpassed symbol of laziness into a symbol of activity.

The Vittel Couch Converter Service was born. The first service aimed at converting people’s couch into running shoes. Simple. Vittel asked people to upload a picture of their old couch onto its website and to send fabric from their old couch. Following this first step, Vittel then went to work to customize a pair of running shoes made from the fabric of the couch. Inside each shoe is a motivational message like 'I'm with you buddy', 'Never forget where we came from'... signed by Vittel.


Advertising Agency:Ogilvy & Mather, Paris, France
Chief Creative Officer:Chris Garbutt
Creative Directors:Frédéric Levron, Thierry Chiumino
Art Director:Chris Rowson, Bruno Bicalho Carvalhaes
Copywriter:Antoine Gauquelin, Christian Foulon
Producer:Antoine Bagot
Head Of Integrated:Benoît De Fleurian
Account Director:Antoine Petit
Account Executive:Jane Crobeddu
Strategic Planner:Ivan Pejcic
Production Company:Fighting Fish
Shoe Designer:Erik Arlen, Bagua
Sound Studio:Comptoir Du Son Et Des Images
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