Land Rover: Tarantula Hawk Wasp, Snout Beetle, Maltese Ruby Tiger Moth

June 15, 2014Filed under Print and Automotive

Commonly found in the remote desert habitats, shrublands and grasslands of the Southwest U.S. and Mexico. Excruciating sting. Considered to be the second most painful in the world.
Land Rover. Above and beyond.

Burrowing beetle domestic to the tropical and temperate regions of Zimbabwe. Destructive to maize, cotton and soybeans. The first beetles to appear after the rains of the November wet season.
Land Rover. Above and beyond.

A stout, broad-winged, hairy moth endemic to the Maltese Islands. Predator defenses include aposematic coloration, odors and ultrasonic vibrations. Poisonous if eaten.
Land Rover. Above and beyond.

Advertising Agency:Y&R Midwest, Chicago, USA
Chief Creative Officer:Bill Cimino
Creative Director:Adam Cook, Gordon West
Copywriter:Adam Cook
Art Director:Gordon West
Director Of Integrated Production:Brian Smego
Photographer:Marc Schwartzberg
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