G-Star Raw: Raw for the Oceans

June 23, 2014Filed under Direct Marketing, Design and Fashion, Clothing, Footwear

Brief Explanation:
G-Star is the innovative denim brand, with its 25th anniversary this year it’s a relatively new player in the field of heritage dominated denim brands. Through its conception of 3D denim in 1996, and committed dedication towards untreated RAW denim, G-Star has initiated a revolution within the denim industry.
G-Star stands for innovation in fabrics, cuts, 3D constructions and sustainable innovations such as denim made from nettle. These sustainable products however have never been a marketing topic as it is simply considered as doing good business.
Describe The Brief From The Client:
Around 100 million tons of plastic are produced each year, about 10% ends up in the oceans.
This plastic pollution affects the environment in several ways. Birds, marine mammals and fish are killed by ingestion of plastics or entanglement.
Can we be part of the solution and create denim made out of ocean plastic, in a way that it so desirable that people around the world will like to wear it? Can G-Star partner with Bionic Yarn and collaborate in an on-going creative exploration to innovate denim with the goal to make an impact against plastic pollution of the oceans.
Creative Execution:
The challenge was to create a high quality collection that would look and feel just as beautiful as regular denim. Making denim is considered an art in the world of denim lovers. The dyeing of the fabric, the amount of stretch, the fading it all contributes to a good end product.
We turned our complete manufacturing process upside down and produced by suppliers with whom we have a long-term relationship and that share our passion to make a strong product in a sustainable way.
Together with Bionic Yarn and Pharrell Williams we create denim for the future.
The RAW for the Oceans collection is the first collection ever made out of ocean plastic, co-designed by Pharrell Williams. It allows people across the world to express their concerns to ocean pollution by wearing it. The initiative is the long-term action of integrating Bionic Yarn into continuing product lines. It creates awareness for ocean pollution and is a small time first step to the solution of the problem. This first collection contains 33% per cent of reclaimed plastic. We intend to increase this percentage of plastic reclaimed from the sea in Bionic yarn with each collection.
Develop a collection that would integrate plastic waste from the oceans. To really make a difference, this needed to be a collection that was desired by people all over the world, a collection that would sell itself since there is no large marketing budget to push it.
Create awareness by allowing people to express their concern for the problem, but more importantly take the first step in a real solution to the problem, with the belief that this problem can only be solved if it becomes interesting for people to engage.

Advertising Agency:FHV BBDO, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Advertising Agency:Part Of A Bigger Plan, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Creative Director:Pharrell Williams
Co-Founder:Tim Coombs, Tyson Toussant
Founder:Cyrill Gutsch, Christian Borstlap
Director:Mark Muller
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