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June 04, 2014Filed under Media, Film and Media, Publications

The Challenge The quality paper „Die Presse“ had enough logical reasons why to read them – but the brand was missing its emotions. How could we give this traditional newspaper a fresh and modern attitude that still feels authentic? By making the craft of writing the core of the brand. Pure, straight forward and - with understatement. 

The Execution The Claim “We write since 1848” was the first execution of the new core of the brand. But how do we show the long tradition of the craft on a billboard, print ad or TV spot? A split screen pretty much is the epitome of the ugly fake world of digital imaginary and the opposite of our concept of craft and purism. Unless – we get our hands dirty and split the actual props. (In case you wonder; the inside of an iPad is pretty disappointing.) Who talks about craft has to execute craft – this was also true for the TV commercial. 

Thus we hired a team from the Technical University of Vienna to build a time travelling device; a hybrid of typewriter and laptop. Finally we used radio to get across yet another perspective of the craft of writing. We recorded the editorial staff meetings and broadcasted it without any alterations. Craft also needs to be talked about.

Advertising Agency:Traktor, Vienna, Austria
Creative Directors:Alexander Winsauer, Alexander Winsauer, Wolfgang Hummelberger
CCO:Antonia Tritthart
Art Director:Colin McPartlin
Photographer:Michael Rathmayer
Account Director:Alexandra Hönig
Account Management:Florian Kegel
Film Production:Kaiserschnitt FILM
Production:Florian Niederwimmer
Camera:Matthias Papst
Director:Deniz Cooper
Sounddesign:innenhofstudios – Tonstudio
Post Production:K-Effects
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