Corbis / LatinStock Bank Images: Hidden Truth


With the evolution on communication and the easier access to online images to the general user, Latin Stock and Corbis wanted to reach both, editorial and creative targets, and highlight the unlimited possibilities that only Corbis/LatinStock images could offer.

To do so, they need to prove that their product was better than a regular web picture, and that this difference can be noticed on the final result of an editorial or creative work. The solution was to develop a special code, capable of encrypting content inside the photos, and therefore, adding more significant content to a downloaded image.

This code was able to hide audio, video, or any other information "inside" the LatinStock images. The launch of this new format was a campaign about domestic violence in Spain, where user could find out what happens inside Spanish homes pictures and react to it. The theme of the campaign was meant to generate conversation, not only about the violence, but also about the innovative way of "entering" an image. Instead of creating only a campaign, the agency looked inside the clients product, to see how they could deliver a better solution to the consumer.

We didn´t only say that our client had images with better content, but actually deliver this better content, so the consumer understand the difference from a regular image and the real value behind a real image.

Advertising Agency:Cheil, Madrid, Spain
Executive Creative Director:Paulo Areas
Creative Director:Alvaro Rodriguez, Ricardo De Santiago
Innovative Creative:José Venditti, Isaac Maroto
Technology Director:Roberto Torres
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