Coca-Cola: Happy ID

June 24, 2014Filed under Media and Non-alcoholic Drinks

Results And Effectiveness:
The campaign was a viral success, with more than 1.3 million shares on social networks and free press of USD 300M. The Happy ID movement had a 58% of awareness and 75% associated it with Coca-Cola.
The positive response and action was immediate: 90%of new IDs in the first month of the campaign were happy IDs.
It helped increase main brand indicators: Coca-Cola’s brand Association with Happiness increased 8pp, the for someone like me indicator increased +10pp and Brand’s differentiation increased +12pp in the period of the Campaign.
This is just the beginning: 62%of Peruvians intend to get a Happy ID.
Creative Execution:
We developed a complete IMC support plan for this Campaign, mainly in:

1.- Online
- Digital viralization of the campaign video, explaining the concept of the Happy ID had paid support on Youtube true view format.
-    Banners and advertorials in important newspapers websites for the launch of the campaign.

2.- Out-of-home: Special out-of-home billboards and other elements inviting Peruvians to be part of this movement.

3.- TV spots and PNTs In TV Programs sponsored by CC.

4.- Radio: Spots and special mentions for the first phase of the campaign.

5.- Below the Line: Photo booths installed in shopping Malls all over Perú. Free Coke and ID photo only if you smile

6.- Press: Special Ads explaining the concept of the campaign
Insights, Strategy And The Idea:
Over the years, Coca-Cola has built the credentials to lead and talk about happiness through numerous campaigns, both international and local through multi-target communication. However, one of our more challenging targets was teens; our brand´s engagement indicators were below our expectations and we needed to impact especially in this target.

This is why we focused our communication in connecting with teens through the pillar of the brand’s strategy: happiness. We needed to inspire them with a strong message of happiness that would link them emotionally with the brand.

We detected that despite Peru’s economic growth and pride, Peruvians were not happy, and this was shown in in the most basic form of expression: they were not smiling in their IDs, even when there’s no law that forbids them to.

We found an opportunity to spread happiness all across the country with a simple but significant action to make a difference: encourage Peruvians to smile in their IDs.

Advertising Agency:McCann, Lima, Peru
Chief Creative Officer:Nicolas Romano, Mauricio Fernandez, Ricardo Mares
Art Director:Nicolas Romano
Copywriter:Ricardo Mares
Account Director:Andrea Rosselló
Planning Director:Rodrigo Revoredo
Account Supervisor:Mirjana Slavkovic
Digital Strategy Director:Miguel G. Bulnes
Experiential Director:Berenice Lu
Marketing Director:Lizandra Freitas
Brand Manager:Alfredo Quiñones
Imc Sr Manager:Ursula Cárpena
Animation:Kurt Gastulo
Film Director:Bacha, Chinon, Señor Z
Sound Studio:Julio Benavides, Lobo
Producer:Carla Dextre
Graphic Designer:Claudio Miró Quesada
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