VISA: Onlive Sale

May 22, 2014Filed under Online and Banking, Financial Services

Colombia is the second country with the highest rate of internet access in Latin America, but strangely it's also the second with the lowest rate of online shopping due to the perception that it is a difficult and insecure process.

The challenge was to create a digital activation to change this perception, proving that buying on internet is not only safe, but also easy and increasing the rate of online sales. Our target were Visa users, who having a card, have never bought online and our first goal was to motivate people to make their first online purchase.

To achieved it, we focused on young women, compulsive shoppers by nature and digital media consumers, so we needed to create something as interesting as the content they search for, therefore, we chose the most successful web series in Colombia, Susana & Elvira.

We decided to broadcast the final episode of the second season live, and allow the fans purchase in real time what they saw on the scenes (furniture, appliances, paintings and even the actresses clothing) only using their Visa credit cards. This way we created the first “Onlive” sale in history.

Advertising Agency:Sistole, Bogotá, Colombia
General Creative Director:Horacio Maggi
Creative Director:Freddy Méndez
Digital Creative Director:Joffre Carmona
Art Director:Diego Wikander, Alex Argüello
Copywriter:Freddy Méndez
Account Director:Jose Mendoza
Producer:Mimosa TV
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