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May 26, 2014Filed under Online and Media, Publications

Before the arrival of the colonizers, there were over 1600 native languages in the American Continent. In time, most of those languages disappeared resulting in a little few remaining to these days in scattered native communities.

There's an exception: Guarani. A language spoken for more than a thousand years in the central area of South America, which has been made the official language -along with Spanish- by a developing, thriving country: Paraguay.

The road has not been easy. As most native languages, Guarani has been frowned upon and even repelled for religious, political and economic reasons.

However, the cultural roots of this language have such a tight grip that, despite the Spanish conquest, the war against the Triple Alliance (Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay), the discrimination from aristocratic families and decades of rejection during Dr. Rodriguez de Francia's dictatorship, is still the main line of communication for Paraguayans. In Paraguay, 60% of the population speaks Spanish, while 90% speak Guarani.  

Yet, there was one more battle to be fought by the Guarani language: it was not an option on settings on any web site or social network.

On its expansion plan, Facebook joined mobile phone services giant TIGO, to promote connection and Internet access in Paraguay, thus reaching that 50% of the population that doesn't navigate.



Facebook in Guarani resounded in local and international media. It became a trending topic on Twitter and even the Paraguayan President tweeted about it and changed his profile settings to Guarani. 

Earned media: + US$ 1.400.000

+50% people using internet data.

+70% internet daily use.

Reach Social Media: 909.954 (Launch day)

Engagement: 121% (Launch day)

Impressions: 1.724.095 (Launch day)

First native language of America incorporated to a social network.

One language for 10 million people, mostly living in Paraguay (7 million), Argentina and Brazil.

Advertising Agency:Biedermann McCann, Asunción, Paraguay
Ceo:Enrique Biedermann, Enrique Biedermann
General Creative Directors:Alejandro Rebull and Santiago Morello
General Manager:Raquel De Velazquez
Planning Director:Federico Perie
Copywriters:Pablo García and Guadalupe Armadans
Art Director:Gastón Cortesi and Arturo Avalos
Account Director:Mariel Jorgge
Producer:Fátima Rojas, Gabriel Porrás Alonso
Media Agency:UM Biedermann
Director:Claudia Chamorro, Ignacio Gabriel
Planner:Cecilia Miranda
Production Company:La Doble A
Executive Producer:José Arnal
Production Manager:Alejandro Cinelli
Animator:Edgar Alan Post
Audio:La Casa Post Sound
Editor:Nicolás Simkin
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