Nestlé Nescau: Setting Exercise Bikes Free

May 27, 2014Filed under Film and Non-alcoholic Drinks

Who can say they have never seen a stationary bike sitting in the corner of a room, unused and gathering dust? Like them, many children and young adults spend their day stationary, stuck on the couch in front of the TV or computer. Nescau, Nestlé's malted chocolate beverage brand in Brazil, had recently changed its positioning to take a more critical stance against kids sedentary lifestyles, and the dangers of a life without exercise, but keeping it on the positive side. [Click here to watch the TV Spot]  With JWT Brazil, Nescau took these abandoned exercise bikes to the streets, transforming them into regular-use models. The project, “Freedom for Stationary Bikes” (#bikeNescau) stood as a testament to the brand’s new motto, “The energy to make history out of the everyday.” The first transformed bikes, which you see children riding in the film, have been named Anacletta, Palitta and Bigotte.

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