Master Blenders Pilão Decaf: Mendeleev

May 21, 2014Filed under Film and Food

We wanted to prove that decaf coffee could be a “work companion” just like regular coffee, even without it’s waking capacities. To do so, we tried to prove that great things could be achieved after some sleep, through the example of famous works, by notorious men, done after a good night of sleep. Things created in dreams, or inspirited by them.

The ideia that we came up with, was to animate the story of how Mendeleev discovered the Periodic Table by dreaming with it. The animation was drawn, frame by frame, by hand on the computer. Mixing some 3D composition for the scenarios. In the end, each frame were retouched by a Clean-up artist, by hand also.

The texture treatment and mapping of the film was used to make reference to the ludic world of dreams, where thing don’t appear to be as “concrete”, as “real”, and also to the coffee world with it’s colors, textures and movement.

Advertising Agency:JWT, Sao Paulo, Brazil
CCO:Ricardo John
Head Of Art:Fabio Simoes
Creative Director:Erick Rosa
Copywriter:Fernando Duarte
Art Director:Pedro Hefs, Thiago Arrighi
Account:Stefano Paduan, Felipe Giacon
Media:Wagner Sena, André Simões
Planning Team:José Lucas, Juliana Maaz, João Caputti
Rtv Director:Márcia Lacaze
Animation:Daniel Semanas, Paulo Stoker
Clean Up:Guma, Lucas Fiacadori
Production Company Account responsible:Marcel Yin Weckx
Sound Production Company:Big Foote Audio
Music Production:Equipe Bigfoote
Locutor:Pascoal da Conceição and Marcelo Meirelles, Mark Grandfield
Illustration:Pedro Hefs, Thiago Arrighi
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