Everlast: The Big Punch

May 14, 2014Filed under Media, Outdoor and Fashion, Clothing, Footwear

In Peru women suffer from a huge prejudice in traffic. Men don’t waste an opportunity to be impolite when they see a woman behind the wheel. And since women there are the biggest customers of Everlast, for them they created the concept Defend Your World. To help these women defend themselves from chauvinistic drivers, they developed a special car there is a BIG PUNCH itself. It was driven by Natalia Malaga, athlete know by Peruvians for her strong temper. Every woman could denunciate a rude driver by using the hashtag #guantazo with the driver’s plate and location. Natalia would go after them with her big punch. The world GUANTAZO, that means big punch in spanish, became part of the popular culture. Even the Peruvian President asked Natalia to keep on giving ‘guantazos’ to those who deserve it.

Advertising Agency:Independencia, Peru
General Creative Director:Marco Caballero, Germán Garrido
Head Of Art:Renzo Sanguinetti
Copywriter:Germán Garrido, Marco Caballero, Jose Canonico, Gustavo Flores
Art Director:Giuliano Sosa, Fernando Valladares
Planner:Jose Canonico, Renzo Vallejo, Carlos Más
Account Director:Rossana Velasco
Production Director:Winston Wolf
Film Direction:Locomotor
Film Director:Romulo Franco, Fernando Villaran, Lucho Soldevilla
Executive Producer:Locomotor
Field Production:Camello Producciones
Edition and Post Production:Locomotor
Audio:Mario Rivas
Music Director:Mario Soto
Industrial Design:Carl Lindemann
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