City of Berlin: PooLotto

May 19, 2014Filed under PR and Public Interest, NGO

We turn collecting dog poo into a game. Streets in big cities are full of dog poo - but people still ignore the dog bags provided. That’s why walking through big cities sometimes feels like walking through a mine-field. Let's take Berlin as an example. 55 tons of dog poo are left on the street every day. That's enough to pave 4,5 soccer fields.

Poo Lotto is the solution and turns collecting poo into a game. Fun for everyone. How does it work?

1. A heat sensitive number is printed on every dog bag, it appears when it's warmed by the poo.

2. Take a picture of your bag and send it to PooLotto.

3. We draw the winning numbers at the end of every week. The winner gets the Jackpot and a poo-free city.

Advertising School:Miami Ad School, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Director:Niklas Frings-Rupp
Art Director:Ilya Malyanov
Copywriter:Christian Feist
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