CarbonStory World Environment Day: World Under Water

May 07, 2014Filed under Online and Other

BBDO and Proximity Singapore is celebrating World Environment Day (5th June) by partnering with CarbonStory, a crowd funding platform for climate change projects, to bring a shocking reality to life using an eye-opening digital campaign. 

Inspired by the World Environment Day slogan 'Raise your voice, not the sea levels', BBDO and Proximity Singapore and CarbonStory aim to encourage people to reduce their carbon footprint and offset what is left. We all know that greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide being one of the main offenders, contribute to global warming. 

However, most people believe that only coastal areas will be affected by rising sea levels. BBDO and Proximity Singapore has, therefore, created a one-of-its-kind interactive web experience ( that uses Web GL to show viewers the catastrophic impact of global warming and melting ice caps on their very own neighbourhoods with the help of Google Street View. 

Users can choose any location in the world on Google Street View and see what it will look like after sea levels have risen. They can then share their Street View under water on Facebook and Twitter. The idea isn’t just about shocking people, but giving them an opportunity to be a part of the solution by calculating and offsetting their carbon footprint using CarbonStory’s website.

Advertising Agency:BBDO, Singapore
Advertising Agency:Proximity, Singapore
CCO:Ronald Ng
Creative Director:Melanie Clancy
Copywriters:Nikhil Panjwani, Firrdaus Yusoff, Melanie Clancy
Art Director:Gary Lim, Savio Fonseca, Shum Qi Ho
Tech Team:Laurent Thevenet, Alfred Tan, Tristan Soriaga, Aimee Sohn, Timothy Vazquez
Production:Denise Loke, Ann May Chua, Nicolyn Marino
Account Management:Fiona Huang
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