Sanofi Aventis Maalox: Mi Brucia

April 24, 2014Filed under Direct Marketing and Health, Beauty, Pharmaceutical

In Italy people and companies struggle everyday against bureaucracy and injustice. We helped them relieving their “stomach pain” without talking directly about the product, while making them become part of the communication. Italians mostly use social networks to denounce the things that make them angry or, as they put it, that “make their stomach burn” (politics, mafia, taxes). 

Also, groups of people join frequently to ask Facebook a “Dislike” button, to stigmatize unbearable things. ““Mi Brucia” is a blog where people could be informed about vips misbehavior and could vent their frustration, shouting it out. We created the “Mi brucia” button (it burns = dislike), a bookmarklet that at the first acces they were asked to drag on their toolbar. 

From that moment on they could, with a click, “dislike” any news they’d find on the web, and share them straight away with the blog users and their social networks. Maalox “sponsored” it with good news to relieve the pain, and with display banners linked to the site to discover more about Maalox. We virtually reproduced the effect of the product, without saying anything that should go under government control

Advertising Agency:A-Tono, Milan, Italy
Creative and Planning Director:Sergio Muller
Art Director:Stefano Gianuario
Copywriter:Riccardo Grandi
Project Manager:Enzo Dell'Aquila
Developer:Mirko Chessari
Editor:Andrea Bassan
Blogger:Piero Babudro
Account Manager:Maurizio Elli
social media architect:Andrea Mugerli
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