Volkswagen: Fox Rock in Rio Route

March 10, 2014Filed under Online


Volkswagen created a new rock and roll legend. As the official sponsor of Rock in Rio Festival, the brand launched a special model: the Fox Rock in Rio.

And to promote the car, Volkswagen invited users to take a ride on the 440 destinations around the world that helped made the rock history.

By using Google Street view, the website provides an immersive experience to music fans in Brazil.

People could access all kind of curiosities about the destinations in different formats like podcasts, Youtube videos, guitar tabs and they could assemble their own radio stations.

Volkswagen also hid a thousand tickets for the shows in the streets of Google Street View. The users followed the tips and found them all very quickly.

People also shared every step they made inside the experience with their friends. A rock'n'roll digital experience drove by the VW Fox Rock in Rio.


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