Ebara Vegetable Pickling Base: Funfair in Your Mouth

February 10, 2014Filed under Media and Food

Objective & Strategy:
Ebara, Japan’s leading vegetable pickling base is slipping in popularity and sales with younger generation families. Ebara wanted to engage new mom’s attention to the fact that Ebara’s sauce can make vegetables more delicious. Our Strategy was to go where kids are, amusement parks, and give them a very uniquely interact experience with vegetables as the heroes.

Creative Solution:
Introducing “FUNFAIR IN YOUR MOUTH” a new attraction inside the amusement park where children can eat vegetables in a way they never experienced before. We’ve invented a virtual reality device that triggers illusions in your brain with “bone conduction technology”. When biting into a cucumber or carrot, children can have the experience that FIREWORKS ARE EXPLODING above them or a DINOSAUR IS ROARING behind them or they are ON A ROLLER COASTER. The brain perceives the conduction, transferred via the teeth and tongue, as a sound signal. This encouraged kids to put the vegetables they hate inside their mouths. Parents feedback was very positive to have their kids enjoying vegetables in a fun way.

Over 90,000 visits during 2 days. The PR that we received through TV shows, Newspaper and Web articles combined was an estimated Japanese ¥75,000,000 cost.

Advertising Agency:Beacon/Leo Burnett, Tokyo, Japan
Creative Director:Kohei Kawasaki
Art Director:Jun Oizumi
Copywriter:Tomohiko Nakano
Director:Yasuaki Kakehi
Producer:Yuya Konishi, Shigeru Odashima, Yuta Sato, Shuntaro Yoshii
Account Director:Yongbom Seo
Planner:Kohei Kawasaki, Yasuaki Kakehi, Motoshi Chikamori
Device Engineer:Junichi Yamaoka
Web Engineer:Tomonori Oki
Web Designer:Kazuhiro Hamakawa
Digital Strategist:Choei Torii
Sound Designer:Kangarou Suzuki, Motokazu Ono
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