Apotek Hjärtat (The Heart Pharmacy): Blowing in The Wind

February 26, 2014Filed under Media, Outdoor and Health, Beauty, Pharmaceutical

Pharmacy blows life into a digital screen To introduce a new line of hair products, the pharmacy Apotek Hjärtat decided to give the subway commuters in Stockholm a bit of a surprise: We equipped the digital screens on the platform with ultra sonic sensors – smart little devices that abled us to monitor the train’s arrival. Upon arrival the short filmclip on the screen changed, from beauty pic to hair blowing in the wind. A schampoo truly bringing hair to life.

Advertising Agency:Åkestam Holst, Stockholm, Sweden
Creative Director:Andreas Ullenius
Copywriter:Mariette Glodeck
Art Director:Lars Baecklund
Account Director:Sara Clewemar
Account Manager:Jennie Strinnhed
Graphic Designer:Lotta Person, Jens Sjobergh
Motion Designer:Nisse Axman
Digital Producer:Sofia Swedenborg
Studio Assistant:Anne-Lie Karl
Photo:Elisabeth Frang
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