Silhouette: iMirror

January 13, 2014Filed under Media and Personal accessories

The Silhouette iMirror Public is a life-size digital signage mirror which premiered this summer at Vienna International Airport. It offers the user a wide choice of virtual 3D Silhouette eyeglass models to fit into a Full-HD 3D representation of his/her face, smoothly synchronising the movement of the eyeglasses and the face. With simple, intuitive gestures, users can view their new look from all angles - and then switch to the next model.

Advertising Agency:Netural GmbH
Creative Director:Albert Ortig, George El Khoury
Art Director:Martina Winkler
Technical Lead:Markus Pargfrieder
Technical Research:Markus Pargfrieder, Andreas Atteneder, Markus Kügerl
Programmer:Andreas Atteneder
3D Content:Christian Holzer, Martin Sighart
Product design:Mario Zeppetzauer
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