Samahope: The Crowd

January 30, 2014Filed under Film and Professional Services

Samahope is a non-profit that helps fund critical medical treatments via its crowdfunding platform. Samahope partners with local charity hospitals and global health organizations with a track record of excellent care and fiscal discipline. These medical partners have highly accomplished physicians who perform surgeries and other life-changing interventions in poor places.

Advertising Agency:Visual Creatures, USA
Creative Director:Ryan Mcneely, John Cranston
Executive Producer:Joe Disanto
Producer:Anne Cuizon Pendola
Designers:Ryan Mcneely, John Cranston, Tony Banik, Shawn Lee
Animators:Tony Banik, Frank Shi, Shawn Lee
Character Animator:Rachel Yonda
Sound Design:Eddie Kim
Mixer:Lihi Orbach
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