Lisbon City Council: LX Type, a typography made from the mesh of the tram’s electrical wires.


The iconic trams of Lisbon do not go unnoticed to anyone. Neither they nor the wires that provide them with energy and that are spread across the city's most charismatic neighborhoods. Still, Leo Burnett Lisboa looked at these in a different way and saw a typography in its complex mesh. And like that, with the support of the Lisbon City Council, the official font Lisbon was born. On the website, where it can be explored and downloaded for free, everyone can test the font and find out a place associated with each letter, transforming words in spontaneous and personalized guides of the city. To spread the idea, a film was created and directed internally by Hugo Lage and with a soundtrack kindly provided by Dead Combo.

Advertising Agency:Leo Burnett, Lisbon, Portugal
Executive Creative Director:Luciana Cani
Head Of Art:Nuno Salvaterra
Copywriter:Jaime Nascimento
Art Direct:Guilherme Nunes
Photography:Guilherme Nunes
Head Of Digital Production:Nuno Frade
Direction and editing:Hugo Lage
Collaborators:Freddie Brando, André Mota, Joana Bruno, Natasha Hellegouarch
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