FRANK/TBWA: 1984 Macintosh Mashup

January 13, 2014Filed under Online and Agency Self-Promo

Objective: Create a shareable self-promotional piece.

Solution: Advertising people love Apple products. We leveraged this emotional connection to a brand, and created a concept that was fun, unexpected and useful. We designed a product that any Apple enthusiast can build themselves, and we made a simple stop-motion video showing them how to do it. We made a scale version of the classic 1984 Apple Macintosh in LEGO, and with a few simple adjustments made it into an iPad docking station. It's perfect for watching movies, reading blogs, and it looks awesome on your desk. As a self-promotion piece, it was a great way to showcase our interest in technology, craft, social media and creativity.

Result: In less than 24 hours the film was picked up by some of the biggest design and technology blogs (Fast Company, Design Taxi, PSFK, etc…). The twitter reach alone of these blogs exceeded 1.5 million people.

Advertising Agency:FRANK/TBWA, Norway
Creative Director:Jason Kinsella
Product Designer:Jason Kinsella
Art Director:Jason Kinsella, Charlotte Bakken
Photography:Charlotte Bakken, Jason Kinsella
Animation:Charlotte Bakken, Jason Kinsella
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